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Check Your Makeup…Here’s Why?

I’ve been hearing people say they’ve had their makeup past a year or almost two years.  Looks like makeup could have a manufacturers date that will make you rethink how long to keep your favorite mascara or lipstick.  It may say fresh for 6 months, but do you know when it was first manufactured?  Check out this article from Tales of Belle, where she explains how you can check your makeup’s manufactured date.

I got this idea from Michala at andhonestly to check the manufacturing dates of my makeup since some of her makeup was 1-2 years old before she even bought it!

via Checking Makeup Expiration Dates — Tales of Belle


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Au Naturale Cosmetics | Clean Beauty

I’ve been recently reading the book Green Enough written by Leah Segedie. She speaks on the toxic chemicals that are endocrine disruptors. This could be the food we eat, the cleaning supplies we use, our air quality all the way up to our beauty products. The list of products are graded from Bad to Better to Best.  I was curious about the beauty brands. This is because in the past I have had issues with buying beauty products due to my extremely sensitive skin. My lips broke out from the Beauty 360 lip balm. I can’t wear MAC cosmetics especially not their mascaras.  I can’t cleanse my face with any of the over the counter cleansers. Foundations can’t come near my face so on and so forth.  My safe bet is my NK eye liner, Tarte Gifted mascara, lip balm and Fenty Beauty lip color.

Clean Beauty Try Outs!

I decided to try out cleaner beauty brands since maybe it could just be a chemical in those streamline beauty brands that causes me to have an allergic reaction.  I’ve purchased samples from The Detox Market: Vapour, Hush + Dotti, Kjaer Weis and W3ll People foundations (Retail: $7.95+shipping); received samples from BeautyCounter: Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation (Rep: April Dutcher); and purchased Au Naturale Cosmetics samples: Creme Foundation, Creme Concealer, Creme Bronzer and Lipstick (Retail: $15). Since I received the Au Naturale Cosmetics first, I decided to try their brand for my first clean beauty brand review.


I do love the personal touch that you receive with your package. “Thank you for your order! Cheers!”  The sample sizes are as you see them in the above picture. I decided to try the Au Naturale Creme Foundation in the PUNALUU, Creme Concealer in BAJA, Creme Bronzer in CARAMEL and Lipstick in GH ROSE GLOW.  I added to the look with NK eye liner, Tarte Gifted Mascara, and Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Griselda.


The Application of Clean Beauty Brand: Au Naturale Cosmetics

I used the e.l.f. Foundation Brush 24111. It has a rounded design which helps with small contours and completely blended application. The foundation applied well. There were no clumps and it didn’t make my skin look dry.  I only needed very little to apply to my entire face.  Skin felt smooth.  After applying foundation I used the concealer around eyes, nose and eyebrows.  I’m a beginner so a full on contouring is not what I was going for.  Concealer was a perfect color in my opinion.  Very little was needed.  Applied smoothly and didn’t make any clumps. Finished the Au Naturale Cosmetic applications with the bronzer.  It may have been too dark for my skin complexion. Pictured below is my before (I apologize for the bored look, LOL) and after application.

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Final Results

End result, I ended up having to remove the makeup because as usual my face started itching.  Once the itching started fine bumps started to appear. As much as I love the quality of product and my after shots…it just didn’t work for my extremely sensitive skin. 😦


Skin broken out here.






This was my own personal experience.  This is not a paid post nor is this post affiliated with Au Naturale Cosmetics.  Pictures are proof of my own personal experience.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear your experience with cleaner beauty products.

Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier All Without Driving Your Family Crazy (Hardcover)

Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier All Without Driving Your Family Crazy (Hardcover)

Green Enough Book Cover_preview

What we do today will create a better tomorrow.  Author Leah Segedie, creator of and CEO of eco-wellness conference ShiftCon, is doing just that.  In her book Green Enough she shares ways to eat better, live cleaner & be happier without driving yourself or your family crazy.  She puts a ‘greener’ lifestyle in perspective. Takes the guessing game out of your shopping.  In Green Enough, you’ll learn the different toxic chemicals that are invading not only your home but also your livelihood.  Without reading Green Enough, you probably don’t know what toxic chemicals are in your deodorant or your daily snacks.  How about what is in your cleaning sprays or even makeup? If a product says natural or organic or USDA approved, does that truly mean anything.

Social Media 4_preview***In Green Enough, Leah Segedie…

  • Leads you through the process of detoxifying your home, room by room
  • Exposes the companies and brands that have harmful chemicals in their products
  • Consults environmental and health experts to get to the bottom of what’s toxic and what’s tolerable
  • Explains where all the hazmats (carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins) live in your home
  • Lists safe and easily affordable foods, pantry staples, and home products
  • Offers DIY home cleaning and skincare recipes
  • And, she includes 50 delicious and kid-approved recipes to help you detoxify your cooking routine
***Reprinted from Green Enough by Leah Segedie. Copyright ©2018 by Leah Segedie. By permission of Rodale Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Available wherever books are sold.

This book has a creative conversational style that I like. It holds your interest and is entertaining. It’s educating you by providing you real data with a little humor. I have learned more about a ‘greener’ lifestyle reading Green Enough. My family & I have switched out our deodorants, dog food, multi-vitamins, cleaners, laundry essentials and more. Switching to a cleaner (yet greener) lifestyle has not broken the bank for us. We are not completely green, but have a guide on hand to help us along the way.

Thank you Leah Segedie for releasing Green Enough in such a time where families are more in tuned with the products they are using. Thank you for giving us the knowledge we need to keep us ‘greener’ in an affordable way.   Cheers to a greener lifestyle!

To order Green Enough today, click the Amazon link here or Check out your local booksellers.


Clarisonic Mia FIT + DIY Facial Cleanser

Clarisonic Mia FIT + DIY Facial Cleanser


This is the Clarisonic Mia FIT daily facial cleansing device. I received this from my Aunt as a Christmas gift, December 2017. Sadly, I am just taking off the plastic and giving it a try. The Mia FIT is a small electronic device that can be used daily with two speed settings. The first speed setting is for a light cleanse, or daily cleanse.  The second speed setting is for deep cleansing when you’ve worn makeup or cleansing your face post workout. The delicate or light cleanse is set for 60 seconds while the power or deep cleanse is set for 80 seconds.  The Clarisonic Mia FIT comes with a USB charger making it easy to charge on the go as well as charge at home.


Tonight I did a D.I.Y. Facial Cleanser to use with my Clarisonic Mia FIT.  I have extremely sensitive skin and cannot cleanse my face with over the counter facial cleansers.  This cleansing recipe is light and great for sensitive skin.

Facial Cleanse Recipe

  • 3 Tbsp. Distilled Water
  • 1/3 cup 18 in 1 Hemp Almond Pure Castile Soap or Hemp Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap
  • 1/3 cup Raw Honey
  • 2 Tbsp. Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil


  1. In a pump bottle, add distilled water.  Next add the castile soap, then raw honey and last sweet almond oil.  You can use jojoba oil if you prefer.
  2. Shake well until all of the honey is dissolved.


Let’s Cleanse!

  1. Wet your face and the Clarisonic Mia FIT head with warm water.
  2. Take your newly created cleanser (or the cleanser that came with the Mia FIT) and pump a small amount onto the head.
  3. Choose the speed setting whether one for a delicate cleanse or two for the power cleanse.  Remember one is for a daily use and two is for washing off makeup as well as a facial cleanse post workout.
  4. Turn the device on once you’ve set it to one or two. Start cleansing your forehead clarisonicmiafit-forehead-phzuniquediva.jpgthen next your nose and chin.  Finally, cleanse your cheek and then your neck.
  5. Rinse your face as well as the brush head.
  6. I followed up with my rose water toner (rose water + distilled water).
  7. Take a piece of ice and rub it around your face.  This will help close your pores.
  8. Last, rub on a light “evening” moisturizer.




Post Cleanse: Brush Before & After

Below is a picture of the Mia FIT head after cleansing my face and then after washing the brush head. As you can see it removed the impurities pretty well. I really like the Mia FIT and could see myself adding it to my daily routine.


This was my own personal review of my Christmas gift.  This was not a paid post nor is this post affiliated with Clarisonic.  Pictures are proof of my own personal experience. I hope you enjoyed making the DIY Facial Cleanser. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear your experience with either the Clarisonic or the DIY Facial Cleanser.

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7 Must Have Books for a Plant-Based Diet

7 Must Have Books for a Plant-Based Diet


Here are 7 must have books for a plant-based diet.  The Vegetarian Bible is an all in one guide to cooking some of the most satisfying vegetarian dishes.  Forks Over Knives The Cookbook has over 300 recipes for you to enjoy while on your plant-based journey.  Isa Chandra Moskowitz is such a Vegan Bad A**, for real!  Check out her book Vegan with a Vengeance.  She takes plant-based cooking to a whole other level.  One of my favorite recipes is the Black Bean, Mushroom and Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers.  Next up. Superfood Smoothies.  This book will help you power on your blender and make some delicious yet nutritious smoothies.  Nutrient-dense smoothies can aid in increasing energy, healthful looking skin and help our digestive health.  The Daily Vegan Planner is a great tool to use to plan out your day as well as aid you in transitioning into a complete plant-based diet.  If you haven’t already, How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. is a must buy.  I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Greger at the IDEAWorld Blogfest Conference in July 2017.  Great guy with an awesome personality.  When you purchase this book don’t forget to grab the cookbook as well.  Delicious recipes!  Last but not least, this book will open your eyes and teach you more about the essentials: vitamins, minerals and More!  I met Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. in New Orleans (December 2016) at the ShiftCon Eco-Wellness Conference.  She is an amazing doctor and gave great medical advice.  Check out her book, Fortify Your Life.

There you have it. 7 must have books for a plant-based diet.

—Physically Unique Diva—

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Best Way to Relaxx | PhzUniqueDiva

The Best Way to Relaxx

For a Bowel Movement


Sitting on the toilet in what we know as the “normal” way causes issues with bowel movements.  Some people are unable to eliminate waste fully.  Our bodies are designed to have bowel movements in a squatting position.  In a sitting position, we block the flow of waste as our body’s muscles become partially relaxed creating that unwanted kink.  Find more info, here<<<.

I've had Doctor's tell me to use a stool to help with my bowel movements.

My Story

For almost a year now, I have just been using a household stool that was purchased for my little guy to reach the sink.  He is now able to reach the sink, so mommy has put the stool to good use.  To give a little history…I have IBS with constipation.  It takes me longer to go; if I go at all.  Having the household stool helped, but not enough as I wasn’t in a full squatting position.  Remember it was a small & short stool purchased for my little guy.

I now have the Relaxx Footstool.



What are Relaxx Footstools?

Relaxx Footstools are designed with our digestive health in mind.  For years the Western designed toilet has made it harder for us to have a GOOD and HEALTHY bowel movement.  The Relaxx footstools have three levels to create the squatting position we are designed to poop in a more efficient way.  The levels are 7″, 8″, and 9″.  My Relaxx footstools are always set to the 9″.  I find I have better bowel movements with it adjusted to the max setting.

The Relaxx foolstools are made of bamboo making it eco-friendly. #GoGreen!  They are storable without taking up much space.  They are portable as well.  That’s one of the features I like most.  I can tote them in my bag and use them whenever I need to “GO”.  It has anti-slip guards so that our feet are not making the Relaxx Footstools slide away. Awesome, right! I use the Relaxx footstools on a daily basis.  The max 9″ setting has helped me more so than my small stool.

To Purchase

If you have issues like myself and are looking for a solution try Relaxx.  Relaxx Footstools are sold on >>>Amazon<<<.  If you purchase today or through September 30th you will receive a 25% discount by using coupon code: 6VG8VOS3.  For all of my Prime Members, this is a Prime friendly product.  BONUS: discount plus it will arrive in two days. SCORE!!

Don’t have Prime, well today is your lucky day.  You can try out 30-days for free.  If you like it keep it and if you don’t just cancel.  If you are like me, you will definitely become spoiled knowing in two days your shipment will be at your front door.  Plus, in a near future Prime Members will receive a discount at local Whole Foods Stores.  Another great reason to have Amazon Prime.
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

If you purchase the Relaxx Footstools, please comment below and let me know your views on it.  Let me know if it helped at all.  Also, feel free to share my posts to anyone you may know that would also like to try Relaxx Footstools.  The discount is good until September 30, 2017.

Love you all! -Smiley

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Naturals 4 Naturals | PhzUniqueDiva


Naturals for Naturals is a web-based storefront built by a mother daughter duo with a goal of providing natural products for Lovelies like you.  They were tired of reading products labeled “natural”, but had ingredients that did not meet the natural standards.  Learning about chemicals that are harmful to the body and diagnosis of MS inspired the mission to launch a store that is naturally green as well as organic.   The Naturals 4 Naturals officially launched August 2017.  Naturals 4 Naturals offer hair care, skin care, vitamins, fragrance and more!  There’s even a section for babies as well as young children.  Easy to shop around and great prices too!

To check out how it works or shop, click here.

If you are a vendor and would like to sell your products on Natural 4 Naturals, you’ll want to check out this page.