Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day


“Hyperemesis Gravidarum is one of the most deliberating diseases that makes a pregnant woman feel isolated and so misunderstood from other normal pregnancies” -Sarah McLaughlin

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Severe form of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Described as unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids. It is typically associated with:
* Loss of greater than 5% of pre-pregnancy weight
* Nutritional deficiencies
* Metabolic imbalances
* Difficulty with daily activities

Reference: www.hyeremesis.org/hyperemesis-gravidarum

My Story: Short Version

This is my second Hyperemesis Gravidarum pregnancy. My first caused multiple hospital visits and stays. Poor nutrition. I had Pancreatitis and lost tons of weight. Here in my second I’ve had multiple hospital stays, Home Health Nurse visits, and ER visits. IV fluids (lactated ringers) on most days almost daily in more incidents than others. Blood sugar constantly dropping. Poor nutrition, lack of energy, (5) PICC line placements, weakness, emotionally drained, etc. I’ve been placed on bed rest multiple times. Nothing helped to ease the miserableness I experienced on a daily basis. I tried to stay strong and positive because this entire time my little baby kept up with growth…always had a strong heart beat. Knowing that this illness can kill both mother and baby says a lot in itself. He pulled through my eldest son pulled through…I am pulling through.

This illness would put any mother in total fear. The difference between now and then is I have a better OB Physician as well as a support group Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) to lean on when needing advice. These are only some (not all) of pictures taken throughout my HG Journey. I share them with you all as today is Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day!

Spread Awareness

Moms all over are sharing their stories to bring awareness in hopes to reach more moms who are pregnant and not knowing where they could get help. There are support groups and there are moms who are ready to be by your side. To help push you through when it all seems as though it’s not worth it.

I hope you all who are not or have not gone through this find it in your heart to spread the awareness as well as support moms who are (or have gone through it). For family and friends who need help understanding what Hyperemesis Gravidarum is and how you can help… there is a website for the HER Foundation http://www.hyperemesis.org.

Thank you so much for reading my post and supporting such a cause. Love you all!


Captured Moments of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Here are some of my photos that I’ve captured during my journey. All though it is not all of my HG photos, these photos speak volume in themselves.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day | PhzUniqueDiva


Celebrate Your Body & Good Health | PhzUniqueDiva

Celebrate Your Body & Good Health

I was watching the movie To Wong Foo the other day.  The song “I Am Body Beautiful” by Salt-n-Pepa just spoke to me in so many ways. Read the chorus below.

Lights, camera, action!
Satisfaction guaranteed, that’s what I need
I celebrate the body and enjoy good health
And I gets down with my bad self
It’s all good from the front to the back
Two snaps and a clap for a body like that
It’s a good damn thing I don’t care what you say
Somebody beautiful (I am body beautiful), hey, that’s me

Often times we can be our own worst critics.  If we don’t love ourselves and love our bodies as well as appreciate good health, how can we expect other people to do the same?!  It’s time to let go of the negativity.  Your body is your body.  We only get one body to live in.  We as women (and men) were created uniquely.  Embrace the body you have. Celebrate good health instead of body imagery that doesn’t embrace the body you already have.  Remember with the right amount of confidence you can make ANYTHING look good on you.  😉


My Body, My Shape | PhzUniqueDiva

My Body, My Shape

Guess you are wondering what I mean by “My Body, My Shape“.  What could this article possibly be about?  First a little history…

Body Goals: Not so positive.

I didn’t always love the person I was.  It never was the stretch marks or surgical scars…it was always how I looked in clothes.  I would get so aggravated and didn’t like to go shopping because I would have to face how I looked in whatever it was I was trying on.  My goals were always someone else’s body goal.  I want to look like her or I wish my abs popped like hers.  I wanted to be the girl in the magazine.  I took so many pills, so many supplements, so many different FADs (false advertising diets) and my health deteriorated.  I even made myself throw up all the time and abused laxatives. I didn’t think much of health.  I honestly didn’t.  My priority was to look what I thought sexy was supposed to look like, thin.  If I were thin I wouldn’t have to worry about any outfit looking unappealing on me.  I needed to be thin.  It didn’t take the constant hospital stays, numerous diagnosis, the prescription drugs or even the constant dehydration episodes to make me think health should be my number one priority.  My appearance was always number one.  I fought this battle for many many years.


Pictured here at Pensacola Beach with my son. Weight 196 lbs. Circa: December 3, 2011.

The Wake Up Call

In 2012, I had a wake up call.  It was time to let go of the depression.  It was time to stop self-hating.  It was time to let go of self-shame.  My body was suffering so bad because I chased the goal of body imagery. By 2012 I had been diagnosed with numerous things like: kidney stones that shifted to a kidney infection that lead to hospital stay and surgery (2008), Caffeine addiction on a drug level 😦 (2009), GERD (2009), Barrett’s Esophagus (2009), IBS w/ Chronic Constipation (2009), Gastritis (2009), Unable to Have Children (2008-2009), Pancreatitis (2010), Hyperemesis Gravidarum (2010), Lupus like symptoms (2009-2014), Urinary Incontinence (2012-2013), Depression (2010), Anxiety (2011), etc.  That’s just to name a few.  Doctors and nurses would tell me I was just too young to be suffering from so much.  I mean prior to 2012 it just wasn’t a worry for me.  Sad that I had ignorance towards a healthier lifestyle.

That’s when I decided to change my blog name from Smiley’s Healthy Way of Life to Physically Unique Diva.  I had to become my own body goals, in love with my own body shape, desire health before appearance, I was uniquely made and became a diva of healthier eating (nutrition). My body, My shape!  We have one body to live in until we are gone to eternal life. We can only be our own shape.  Listen to me when I say…

My Body, My Shape!


Do not sacrifice your mental health to have the “perfect body”…as loving yourself is the greatest revolution.  Remember, weight or body image does not dictate your health or worth.  Be Body Aware! Self love is utmost importance as well as mental health.  Be Unique…Physically Unique!

-Smiley Reed




If you know someone in your life that needs to hear this…please feel free to share.  I want to reach as many people as I can.  Let everyone know you are not alone. I’ve been there and I know the struggle.  This is a judgement free zone here.  I’m here to help in any way that I possibly can.  Choose life over body imagery.  Choose Health. Love and thank you all for your continued support.


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Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier All Without Driving Your Family Crazy (Hardcover)

Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier All Without Driving Your Family Crazy (Hardcover)

Green Enough Book Cover_preview

What we do today will create a better tomorrow.  Author Leah Segedie, creator of Mamavation.com and CEO of eco-wellness conference ShiftCon, is doing just that.  In her book Green Enough she shares ways to eat better, live cleaner & be happier without driving yourself or your family crazy.  She puts a ‘greener’ lifestyle in perspective. Takes the guessing game out of your shopping.  In Green Enough, you’ll learn the different toxic chemicals that are invading not only your home but also your livelihood.  Without reading Green Enough, you probably don’t know what toxic chemicals are in your deodorant or your daily snacks.  How about what is in your cleaning sprays or even makeup? If a product says natural or organic or USDA approved, does that truly mean anything.

Social Media 4_preview***In Green Enough, Leah Segedie…

  • Leads you through the process of detoxifying your home, room by room
  • Exposes the companies and brands that have harmful chemicals in their products
  • Consults environmental and health experts to get to the bottom of what’s toxic and what’s tolerable
  • Explains where all the hazmats (carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins) live in your home
  • Lists safe and easily affordable foods, pantry staples, and home products
  • Offers DIY home cleaning and skincare recipes
  • And, she includes 50 delicious and kid-approved recipes to help you detoxify your cooking routine
***Reprinted from Green Enough by Leah Segedie. Copyright ©2018 by Leah Segedie. By permission of Rodale Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Available wherever books are sold.

This book has a creative conversational style that I like. It holds your interest and is entertaining. It’s educating you by providing you real data with a little humor. I have learned more about a ‘greener’ lifestyle reading Green Enough. My family & I have switched out our deodorants, dog food, multi-vitamins, cleaners, laundry essentials and more. Switching to a cleaner (yet greener) lifestyle has not broken the bank for us. We are not completely green, but have a guide on hand to help us along the way.

Thank you Leah Segedie for releasing Green Enough in such a time where families are more in tuned with the products they are using. Thank you for giving us the knowledge we need to keep us ‘greener’ in an affordable way.   Cheers to a greener lifestyle!

To order Green Enough today, click the Amazon link here http://amzn.to/2HQTENL or Check out your local booksellers.


Take Control of Your Journey

Take Control of Your Journey


1. Don’t let your mind bully your body.
2. Eat well for better health and strength.
3. Distance yourself from negative energy.
4. Take long walks and lift 5 lbs heavier than normal.
5. Most importantly, take care of self always.

Before you know it, the world will see your results. The positive energy that you will feel is much greater than stressing over your body image, the number on the scale, or even the comparison of one’s self to others.

Together we can make that change for greater good. Check out my website Physically Unique Diva 💋 at www.phzuniquediva.com. There you will find tips, recipes, and more! Need to reach out to me, fill out the contact card on my website. I’m here to help you, to cheer you on, and to see you through your journey. Love always, Smiley.

Mom Life – Pregnant with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Mom Life – Pregnant with Hyperemesis Gravidarum


You never know the amount of pain, sickness or suffering a mother goes through to carry her unborn child. Sometimes I feel like I can’t catch a break, but I still find the moments to smile. This is my second go round of an illness that doesn’t receive as much awareness as other illnesses yet it can take the life of the mother or her unborn child if not treated properly. Still fighting Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Still pumping fluids still receive infusions…all to make sure my baby boy and I pull through like Jr (my first born) & I did.

Honestly…I was hoping this time…this pregnancy I wouldn’t suffer from Hyperemesis.  I just knew in my heart and soul that this pregnancy was going to be “normal”.  Hyperemesis Gravidarum hit me at 7 weeks pregnant. That was 4-5 weeks sooner than it hit during my first pregnancy.  I was hospitalized for three days. Severely dehydrated unable to keep any food down and I remember feeling so weak I couldn’t function.  Soon after being released on good health terms I relapsed.  In one day, 7x vomiting 4-5x dry heaving and nausea was constant.  Unlike the stomach flu or 24 hour bug…crackers, ginger, toast, rice, potatoes etc. did not settle the stomach and was some of the worse food items to come back up.  The most frustrating thing was having everyone tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat even after me explaining to them I couldn’t as it doesn’t stay down.

My OB suggested using a Home Health nursing service.  I would receive fluids at home and have an infusion pump that I would wear daily.  The projected time was for 6 infusionpump-phzuniquedivaweeks.  My home health service started the week of November 11th. I am still receiving fluids and infusions.  It’s hard for me to drink water.  Any more than just a little bit makes me vomit.  A little bit of water makes me nauseous.  I unfortunately do not have a “safe” food as what I can eat changes on a daily basis.  I definitely have to steer clear of garlic, onions, ginger, crackers, rice, stir-fry vegetables, broth, soup, beans and pickles.  Knowing all of this knowing that I am suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum it made me wonder if the little one was OK.  I lost a lot of weight. Some days I couldn’t eat at all.  I was then referred to MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine).  They monitor baby’s growth and it put my mind at ease knowing how sick I was he measured 5-6 days ahead of time.  The Maternal Fetal Medicine physician explained that baby will get what it needs from your stores.  That would be your fat stores.  It was like a big relief of pressure off of my shoulders.  He had also explained the Phenergan and infusions were safe for pregnancy. All good things to hear. 🙂

With that said…

Just know with Hyperemesis Gravidarum things can get a lot worse.  It could have moms with feeding tubes, PICC lines (like I have) and on bed rest for the rest of their pregnancy. It can shut down organs from the malnutrition.  It can be a battle way to strong for anyone to handle.  With my first pregnancy, I had pancreatitis and had to be put on TPN. I also received infusions as well as had a PICC line.  For those of you who do not know, Hyperemesis Gravidarum is severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.  There’s a website for resources called HER (Hyperemesis Education & Resources) <www.hyperemesis.org/hyperemesis-gravidarum/>.  If you know of anyone or if you are suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum know that you are not alone.  I’m in a Facebook group with roughly 12k women just like you and I.  It is a very supportive group and judgmental free zone.  It has helped me through my pregnancy more than anyone knows.  These are other mom’s I can relate to.  There are first time moms all the way to moms on their 6th or 7th child.  Mom’s of all ages.  The link to the Facebook group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hyperemesisgravidarum/.  Keep in mind this is a private group and you will be asked a few questions before granted access.

piccline-hyperemesis_phzuniquedivaMy baby boy is due in May.  I cannot wait to meet him as well as end my journey with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  I’ve suffered more than I’ve explained and become happier the closer I get to my due date.  There is no special way of eating and it has nothing to do with how healthy you eat (or unhealthy).  I know vegans and vegetarians that are suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  If you have Hyperemesis, just know you did nothing wrong to have this illness.  Be sure to have a strong support team.  You will definitely need it.  Family members having a hard time understanding, send them to the HER website I linked above.

I hope that my story will help others to make awareness and for others who suffer open up about Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

One Mind. One Body. Be Unique.

—Physically Unique Diva—