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ShiftCon is Making a BIG Shift

This is a SHIFT you don’t want to miss.  Founder of ShiftCon & Mamavation©, Leah Segedie, made a BIG announcement about the future of ShiftCon. If you are new or never heard of ShiftCon, here is a little background.  ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference where like minded green living, on ANY level of green, lovelies come together to learn about ways they can help make our communities more sustainable.  The conference focuses on wellness, food, sustainability, and platform growth. This is a three day conference that you MUST check out.  There are workshops offered, well renowned speakers, discussions on wellness topics, Expo with brands that are making the shift, and MORE!  ShiftCon community is for anyone whether you are a newbie green, light green, or head greener in charge.

The next conference is in October of 2019.  Check out this video to get the full details on the BIG shift for ShiftCon!  Psst…I want you to know that two of the Elite Sponsors, NOW Foods and Beautycounter are giving away prizes this weekend.   That is over $350 worth of prizes!! Each comment that you make on the video counts as an entry! What are you waiting for, WATCH IT NOW! LOL.

On a personal note:  Leah Segedie is an amazing woman. I’ve been apart of her communities for 6+ years.  She is an inspiring woman and she is all about making our homes ‘Green Enough’.  She is a leading author, book Green Enough.  Check out my blog post about the book.  It’s definitely one to read if you are looking to make the shift or wanting to increase your green ability.  This book helps put everything in perspective without having to guess or figure it out on your own.  Congratulations Leah on your new chapter! Love all that you do for the communities!

Love Light Green,


Disclaimer:  The article is not sponsored by or affiliated with ShiftCon, Beautycounter, or NOW Foods.  Monies or goods were not given in exchange for this article.  This article is strictly content of Physically Unique Diva.  This article does not include any affiliate links.


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