Celebrate Your Body & Good Health | PhzUniqueDiva

Celebrate Your Body & Good Health

I was watching the movie To Wong Foo the other day.  The song “I Am Body Beautiful” by Salt-n-Pepa just spoke to me in so many ways. Read the chorus below.

Lights, camera, action!
Satisfaction guaranteed, that’s what I need
I celebrate the body and enjoy good health
And I gets down with my bad self
It’s all good from the front to the back
Two snaps and a clap for a body like that
It’s a good damn thing I don’t care what you say
Somebody beautiful (I am body beautiful), hey, that’s me

Often times we can be our own worst critics.  If we don’t love ourselves and love our bodies as well as appreciate good health, how can we expect other people to do the same?!  It’s time to let go of the negativity.  Your body is your body.  We only get one body to live in.  We as women (and men) were created uniquely.  Embrace the body you have. Celebrate good health instead of body imagery that doesn’t embrace the body you already have.  Remember with the right amount of confidence you can make ANYTHING look good on you.  😉



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