Top Five Tips to Vegetarianism

Five Tips for Becoming a Vegetarian


Have you been on the fence about becoming a vegetarian?  Maybe you want to test the waters of being plant-based before becoming full on vegan.  Below are Physically Unique Diva‘s Top Five Tips to Vegetarianism.

  1. Read Information on the topic of becoming a vegetarian. Don’t start the journey blind.  You want to know as much as you can so that confusion doesn’t cause you to quit before getting started.  I suggest reading books, blogs (Like This One!), team up with a Health & Wellness coach and speak to anyone in your life that you know that are vegetarian/vegan veterans.
  2. Transition your dishes that you eat on a regular basis.  Swap your meat protein source with a plant-based one. Add more vegetables and fruits to your plate than your meaty favorites.  This will help you transition slowly and not having to cut cold turkey.
  3. Strategically substitute ingredients in your recipes.  There are plenty of plant-based substitutes out there such as cheeses, mylks, creamers, pastas so on and so forth.  Some popular brands: Enjoy Life, Daiya, Follow Your Heart, So Delicious, Gardein, Boca and more!
  4. Have a support team who will cheer you on through this new journey of yours.  There is nothing like the support of family and friends to see you through.
  5. Plan ahead when dining out.  All though there are dishes that may seem plant-based, you may find that they do use animal-based products in their recipes. We’ve found most restaurants in our town are vegetarian friendly and a few are vegan friendly.  This will help keep you on track planning ahead of time.

More tips and tricks are listed in this document as well as sample substitutes to help get you started.  Physically Unique Diva‘s own Smiley Reed lives a plant-based lifestyle.  Feel free to ask questions below or email her personally here at our Contact Us page.

Have an awesome time transitioning. Remember, a plant-based diet is more diverse than you may picture it being.



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