How to Conquer Weight Loss Without Dieting

Stop FAD Dieting

FAD = False Advertising Diet
The moment you stop following FADs and stop believing the “figures” that people promise to give you if you follow “their” diet the better. Living a healthier life is not a chore and it’s definitely not an end goal. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

Truth about a healthier lifestyle:

❌ There are ABSOLUTELY NO quick fixes.
❌ Everyone’s body is different. You will not end up with the same “body” goal.
❌ Everyone does not process food the same.
❌ Giving up bread is not a guarantee of weight loss.
❌ Our weight fluctuates on a daily basis as well as monthly for you lovely ladies (menstrual time). Do not depend on a scale. There are other measurements for progress.
Check out my blog post Ways to Measure Progress Without a Scale, here.
❌ Body shaming whether self criticism or from others does not help you mentally nor help your journey. You got to become one with thy self. Love thy self to succeed at this thing called a healthy journey.
✔️ BE UNFUCKWITHABLE!!!!! Negative comments will just roll off of you like rain drops. 💁
✔️ It takes 100% Nutrition 100% Fitness (exercise) and ❌ not 80/20. There are ABSOLUTELY NO SHORTCUTS.
This is 2018 time to upgrade your mindset.  Time to listen to your body.  Time to take control without having to live by the “weight loss” brules*.  We are all uniquely made and there is no one size fit all when it comes to becoming healthier.  I’m here to guide you through and help you in becoming a healthier you.
One Mind. One Body. Be Unique.
Love Always,
Physically Unique Diva 💋
Social Media: @phzuniquediva
*BRULES: Bullsh** rule that we adopbt to simplify our understanding.
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One thought on “How to Conquer Weight Loss Without Dieting

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  1. Hey, Fantastic post!
    As in my opinion, Dieting to lose weight is often unsuccessful. you don’t need to totally change your lifestyle in order to lose weight. Small changes too your routine can be enough for some people to accomplish their goals. Try to trim your portion size.Try to game your own mind. Use smaller plates, bowls and cups and your meal will look bigger on smaller plates and you wont feel like you are missing out.


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