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The Best Way to Relaxx

For a Bowel Movement


Sitting on the toilet in what we know as the “normal” way causes issues with bowel movements.  Some people are unable to eliminate waste fully.  Our bodies are designed to have bowel movements in a squatting position.  In a sitting position, we block the flow of waste as our body’s muscles become partially relaxed creating that unwanted kink.  Find more info, here<<<.

I've had Doctor's tell me to use a stool to help with my bowel movements.

My Story

For almost a year now, I have just been using a household stool that was purchased for my little guy to reach the sink.  He is now able to reach the sink, so mommy has put the stool to good use.  To give a little history…I have IBS with constipation.  It takes me longer to go; if I go at all.  Having the household stool helped, but not enough as I wasn’t in a full squatting position.  Remember it was a small & short stool purchased for my little guy.

I now have the Relaxx Footstool.



What are Relaxx Footstools?

Relaxx Footstools are designed with our digestive health in mind.  For years the Western designed toilet has made it harder for us to have a GOOD and HEALTHY bowel movement.  The Relaxx footstools have three levels to create the squatting position we are designed to poop in a more efficient way.  The levels are 7″, 8″, and 9″.  My Relaxx footstools are always set to the 9″.  I find I have better bowel movements with it adjusted to the max setting.

The Relaxx foolstools are made of bamboo making it eco-friendly. #GoGreen!  They are storable without taking up much space.  They are portable as well.  That’s one of the features I like most.  I can tote them in my bag and use them whenever I need to “GO”.  It has anti-slip guards so that our feet are not making the Relaxx Footstools slide away. Awesome, right! I use the Relaxx footstools on a daily basis.  The max 9″ setting has helped me more so than my small stool.

To Purchase

If you have issues like myself and are looking for a solution try Relaxx.  Relaxx Footstools are sold on >>>Amazon<<<.  If you purchase today or through September 30th you will receive a 25% discount by using coupon code: 6VG8VOS3.  For all of my Prime Members, this is a Prime friendly product.  BONUS: discount plus it will arrive in two days. SCORE!!

Don’t have Prime, well today is your lucky day.  You can try out 30-days for free.  If you like it keep it and if you don’t just cancel.  If you are like me, you will definitely become spoiled knowing in two days your shipment will be at your front door.  Plus, in a near future Prime Members will receive a discount at local Whole Foods Stores.  Another great reason to have Amazon Prime.
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

If you purchase the Relaxx Footstools, please comment below and let me know your views on it.  Let me know if it helped at all.  Also, feel free to share my posts to anyone you may know that would also like to try Relaxx Footstools.  The discount is good until September 30, 2017.

Love you all! -Smiley

*This is my personal experience and is only an aid.  You must seek medical advice from your Physician as this post is not to treat or cure a disease.  To read disclaimer, click here:
**There are affiliate links in this post that are no cost to you, but help keep Physically Unique Diva live for you Lovelies.



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