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Wondering why you should satisfy your sweet tooth with Arctic Zero frozen sweet treats? Well…

We all have that craving from time to time.  The craving that makes us want to eat whatever our sweet sensational taste buds desire.  It could be sugary candies, chocolate, cheesecake, ice cream, and that last bite of cake. When the sweet tooth activates, temptation is at it’s highest.

My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate covered almonds.  Yes, I admitted it.  Even as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I too have a sweet tooth as well as guilty pleasure food. I don’t indulge often, but when I do have an activated sweet tooth that’s my go to. Every blue moon I’ll want to enjoy ice cream.  Not a whole lot, just enough to satisfy the taste buds.

Well Lovelies, recently I spotted a brand of ice cream that is one of the coolest almost sub zero level (get it, LOL). It’s called Arctic Zero.  It is a “fit frozen dessert” made with lots of love; literally.  A treat that is lower in calories and less sugar than a normal pint of ice cream.  Arctic Zero is low on the glycemic level, has no lactose, and is NON-GMO.  Tell me more!

Each pint, depending on flavor, ranges from 35-80 calories per serving.  Each serving is about a 1/2 cup.  That’s all we need to satisfy that sweet tooth, right!!

Pictured here (3) Arctic Zero Pint Flavors and (1) Frozen Bar Flavor.

Confession #2, I’m a peanut butter fanatic.  Say it ain’t so?! Oh YES, give me all the peanut butter!! It made since to try the Peanut Butter Swirl.  The Arctic Zero Peanut Butter Swirl had a very light peanut flavor (to me) which I was expecting to have a more robust flavor.  It was sweet, but not too sweet.  For a 1/2 cup…it has 75 calories, 2.5 grams fat, 10 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber and 4 grams protein.

***Each of the products do contain whey protein, so Arctic Zero is not suitable for Vegans or anyone with a whey intolerance.  I tend to have an intolerance, but it depends on the product and/or brand.

Warning, the Rocky Road Trip has marshmallows that felt pillow-y.  Took a test drive down the Arctic Zero Rocky Road. What a trip?! Very light and fluffy with a bitter chocolate flavor.  I wasn’t a fan of the Rocky Road, but don’t let that change your mind about trying it if you haven’t already.

Dark Cherries are one of my favorite fruits.  My son and I tackle each other from time to time over the bag of cherries.  Laughing out loud!  A big bag of dark cherries is definitely required in my household.  Now I am not a fan of chocolate covered cherries, but this cherry chocolate was different. <Insert, thinking emoji.>

Cherry Chocolate Chunk Arctic Zero | PhzUniqueDiva
Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts in the Cherry Chocolate Chunk flavor.

Lovelies, this one has to be most favorite Arctic Zero Fit Dessert.  The cherry flavor is robust balanced with the vanilla swirl and chocolate chunks.  This definitely does not taste like a chocolate covered cherry, but better!  At a 1/2 cup it has 75 calories, 1 gram fat, 14 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber and 3 grams protein.  I’m ready to go back down memory lane with this one.

Take a test drive with Arctic Zero. Try a few flavors.  This is a sweet treat with less calories and fluff than a traditional pint of ice cream.  It is said that one of the side of effects is having less guilt.  Yeah, you will not feel the guilt about satisfying that activated sweet tooth.  Your taste buds will thank you and your body will not be filled with fluff.  That’s a win in my book!

Tell me something Lovelies, who has tried Arctic Zero and what is your favorite Arctic Zero flavor? Let’s get this conversation started!!

If you’ve already tried it, did you know Amazon sales it in a 6 pack bulk? See here for yourself.  You can thank me later!! 🙂

Thank you Arctic Zero for sending me product to try for an honest review in return. This post in no way was paid for or sponsored.  All opinions are my own and are honest. For Physically Unique Diva’s disclaimer, start here.

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