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“Not all progress is shown on a scale.”



Man these past two years have been rough.  I’ve had three knee surgeries making it four total. I’ve been battling my “Gastric Beast”.  Kept journals on what I ate, removed whatever made me feel bad, and still had no relief.  I would gain 6-8 lbs within 2-3 days.  Had to deal with issues like gastric pain, bloating, constipation, nausea & vomiting, etc.  If I stressed, it made all symptoms worse.

On May 18th, I went to the Hospital to have a HIDA scan test ran.  When the Radiology Tech started the contrast there was a burning sensation and then cramping.  The symptoms became worse.  I started to regurgitate, but nothing would come up because I was NPO.  The symptoms started to subside.  Then all of a sudden I started burping up the taste of the contrast and then the burning/cramping started happening again.  I was rushed to the ER.  I was in ER for maybe 10-15 minutes, if that, and was rushed to have emergency surgery.  Never would I have imagined having an emergency surgery.  I’ve only seen them on TV.

Fast forward, with all this that has happened to me I still did not give up.  I did not let my two years of nemesis stop me from being better, choosing better.  I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan for 14 months.  My step count is normally 6,000 steps on a slow day and over 10,000 steps on a semi to busy day.  I eat small frequent meals.  Our bodies take 2-3 hours to fully digest food.  I eat between the 3.5-4 hour mark.  I eat foods high in fiber.  I eat very little fat especially since the gallbladder has been removed.  In all honesty, I attempted to eat fries and yeah it was a runny mess is all I will say.  There you have the very short version of my story.  Now here are ways you can measure your progress.


  • Pictures.  Some people don’t like taking pictures, but I use pictures to show myself how well I am doing.  It is not used to say the person I was previously is not as good looking as the person I am today.  I felt attractive then and I feel attractive now.  It is not used to be a negative source, but instead a positive source that will show your transformation.
  • Clothes.  The shirt you wore at the beginning of your journey or maybe those jeans, put them on every 6-12 weeks.  They will fit differently; loose if you are trying to lose inches or tight if you are trying to gain weight.  For those of you who are trying to maintain your clothes should fit the same.
  • Energy Levels. I’ve found the more I adjusted my diet (way of eating) the more I noticed my energy levels are naturally better than they were before.
  • Muscles.  You can see your muscles transform from not showing definition to now showing definition or larger.  They don’t have to be ginormous, but you know how your muscles looked at the start of your journey compared to now.
  • Strength.  You can now pick up that 50 lb box without help.  Before you noticed anything more than 25 lbs was just to hard for you to pick up.  It’s light as a feather now, bring on the heavier objects. LOL.
  • Measuring Tape.  We can measure our progress with a measuring tape.  My inches have dropped mostly in the abdomen area and legs.  Hips not so much.  I’ve been maintaining that 41″.  Well, at the beginning of my journey my hips were between 46-48 inches.  That’s 5-7″ lost.  As I said previously, lately I’ve been maintaining the 41″.
  • Eating Habits.  We can measure our progress by our diet.  The moment we stop depending on FADs and start eating healthier on a daily basis without thought, that’s progress.  I eat foodie items now that I probably would have never put in my mouth years upon years ago.  I ate a pulled “pork” taco made with hearts of palm today.  Never heard of it during my unhealthy days.
  • Compliments. This!  If the compliments you received are coming in more than ever before that means other people are seeing the change.  Remember it takes 4 week for you to notice, 8 weeks for your friends and family, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Game ON!

This list can go on and on.  As you can see a scale is not needed.  A scale proves nothing.  The next time someone asks this question “What is your goal weight?”, tell them your goal is to be healthy, active, and happier as the number on the scale does not define you.  Your journey is just that YOUR journey.  There is no final destination, but there is always things to conquer and overcome.  A healthy journey never ends.  You have to lose (or gain) and maintain.  It takes work, determination, consistency to do them all.

A journey should never be stressful or put you in a situation to quit (give up).  I coach people to look pass what is on the scale.  I’m here to help and show you that it can be done.

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