1. Write down what a balanced life will mean to you.  Balanced life is not giving each thing (or situation) in your life the same amount of time.  It is letting go of the things that no longer satisfy you mentally.  It is feeling like you’ve accomplished something and end result you feel happier as well as less stressed.
  2. Set times or boundaries in your life.  One good example…don’t talk, do, or let work stress you after 5PM.  Anything after 5PM should not have anything to do with work related stuff.  Your times will be a little different, so adjust the activity and times that work best for you.
  3. Be able to decline anything that is asked of you.  I find myself always saying I can when deep down I am too mentally exhausted to complete anything outside of what I already have planned.  Just say “No.”  There is no need for explanation.
  4. Some of would like to be Super Man, Super Woman, or Wonder Woman but in reality we are not.  There is no need to take on the world in a day.  Yes we are not promised each day, but we don’t need to kill ourselves or over exert ourselves when it is not necessary.  Try handing off some duties to your spouse or significant other, whom may have time to give you a helping hand.  If it’s just you, write stuff down and check it off as you complete it.  There is no need to rush or exhaust all of your energy on trying to get it done “now”.
  5. Lastly, keep a journal.  I absolutely love to write.  It’s just something that calms me, that takes my mind off the world, and it’s all me in that moment.  As kids we use to have diaries and I feel as though adults should keep a journal as well.  You will be surprise how much it helps.  Create a master plan and write down steps, how was your day, what are your goals, schedule a massage, how was that massage, write poems, so on and so forth. Your journal is your safe haven.  Utilize it to its maximum capacity.

Healthy living is all about a balanced lifestyle.  It relies on it.  It’s a must have in your life.  Stress free, accomplished moments and happier you will be the ultimate goal to keep life balanced.


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