How to Stay Motivated


February 17, 2015 was a well known hknee_02_19_15oliday, Mardi Gras.  During this celebration I had a great time with family and friends until the worse happened.  I went to the dance floor and started to dance.  I shifted my body and pivoted to the right.  Before you know it…I heard a loud snap and went down.  My friend at the time (now significant other) saved me from falling to the ground.  The pain was aggravating until I had to walk from Bourbon Street to the parking lot.  Didn’t seem that far away until I had to walk there with a hurt knee.

Februarthegear_2015y 19, 2015 My knee was very big.  I had a MRI completed on the 25th and the results were a partial tear in my ACL. My right wrist was scheduled to be worked on March 3rd, so my Orthopedic made it possible to have both surgeries in one day.  That was pleasing to hear, but i didn’t realize my life was about to change.  My previous knee surgery, April 2007, went well my life went back to normal after my 3 week healing process.

When the gear came in, I was getting nervous.  “Man, Am I really about to walk with a walker?”, I thought.  It was slowly sinking in.  March 3rd, 6:45 AM I was being prepped for surgery.  The nervousness was in full affect.  This was the day my life had changed, and I thouacl_wristght for good.

Surgery went well.  During surgery, they found out my entire ACL had snapped in half.  “Like a rubber band” was how my Orthopedic Surgeon had described it.

To take it back, I’m a very busy body.  Love being on the go.  Loved to workout, to be able to cook for myself so on and so forth.  That’s when it all hit me hard.  I no longer could do for myself.  My well-being was in another person’s hand.  I couldn’t just go whenever I wanted.  I was bound to one area until I had to use the restroom.

Depression hit me like a bad car crash.

From there I had another surgery in December 2015.  By then I had gained back all the weight and then some.  Confirmed that I was back up to the 200 lbs I had previously had dsurgerydec2015ropped to 148-152 lbs.  I was limited, but not as limited during the ACL Rehab.  I felt, it still was a limitation.

November of 2016, I had to have another surgery on my knee surgery.  This go round my thought process was different.  I started telling myself from the previous surgery that I was strong and I can push through this like any other challenge.  I did.  Changing the thought process helped as well as changing my nutritional habits


and adding supplements that I purchased from GNC.  I started seeing results.  That made me push through even more.  I used my limitation as a positive to prove to people that you can stay motivated…you can push yourself through any challenge.

For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37


As I said previously, we create our own mental road blocks.  We hold ourselves back from greatness.  We have more strength than we realize.


  • Create affirmation art and place them some where you can read them out loud.  Read them 3x in the morning or best time for you during that day.  The task is to read them out loud and then live your life as it is true.
  • Meditate or create head space, there is an app for that.  Head space or meditation is a great way to relieve stress, relax the mind, bring positive energy back into your life.  Let go of the negativity.
  • Have a great support system.  Keep a team that will motivate you through it all.  Who will be by your side to make sure you are sticking to your goals.
  • Strive for progress and not perfection.  I have you to know my knee is stronger than ever before.  I am now only weak at the last 30 degrees.  That is a BIG accomplishment for me.  I am now experiencing less pain.  Changing my outlook on my progress made me a better person.  I no longer wanted that perfection to be back to where I was before I tore my ACL.  My goal was to become stronger and I am doing just that!

The key is to create positive energy even in the moment you want to give up.  Change that negative into a positive.  Your outlook will be so much greater.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.  Have your own test of strength story?  Please comment below, I would love to see how you got yourself through your challenge.

One Mind. One Body. Be Unique!

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